General Dentistry

We work collaboratively with our patients to help them achieve their optimal level of oral health.

From cleanings and fillings to root canals and implants, we are committed to providing the best possible dental care for our patients.

We offer a complete list of general dentistry services to ensure our patients are set up for long-term oral health. While we recommend all patients schedule regular cleaning appointments, all other services are offered on an as-needed basis.

We always strive to align treatment with patient goals and expectations.

Our care approach balances medical expertise with patient involvement. If a treatment such as a crown, bridge, or cavity filling is required, our dentists will provide guidance on all possible options and explain the benefits of each. We always like to include patients in our treatment choices to be sure they understand the process and are excited about the results.

We care about your experience in our office and are committed to making your dental procedures as comfortable as possible.

For most procedures, we use a local anesthetic for completely painless treatment. Particularly anxious patients can request nitrous or other pain medication if necessary. We also keep an array of calming essential oils on hand for patients that request them.

When it comes to the way we do dentistry, our patients are always first.

Your oral health and hygiene are our priority.